A Safer Way To Congregate & Worship

Welcome to Abudu, the app that connects worshippers with their preferred places of worship

Abudu Has Some Key Features

In this era of the COVID 19 pandemic, your physical and spiritual health are of importance. As churches comply with the Government measures against the COVID-19 pandemic, you can worship safely and conveniently by booking a church service and guaranteeing yourself a seat.

Book A Service

Book a service for yourself and loved ones

Join a community

Church is about community, sharing and fellowship. HEBREWS 10:25

Contact Tracing

Know the people who attended a particular service in case of a COVID-19 virus outbreak occasioned by a congregant

View available church services

See all the available services from your church for that particular day and book

View churches with seats near you

Don't be inconvenienced, find churches that have seats that you can attend

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The Abudu app is free to use for both worshippers and churches.

Worship Safely

Worship is about fellowship, both with your Creator and your community. The Covid-19 Pandemic should not be the reason you miss out on your spiritual nourishment and communal gathering if you incorporate safety into your worship routine.

The Abudu App Helps You

  • Worship safely and conveniently during this Covid-19 Pandemic period.
  • Avoid exposing yourself to the virus while queuing to attend church service.
  • Guarantee yourself a seat during church service.
  • Find churches with empty seats near you and book in advance

Congregate Safely

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the church worship experience for far too long. Let’s get worshipers back to church, in a safe way. Register your church on the Abudu app today.

The Abudu App Helps You

  • To be discovered by people who live around your church
  • Add services and sermons for your audience
  • Allot the number of available seats in your church for worshippers to book in advance
  • Reserve seats for special guests in advance
  • Trace and manage contacts that attended your church service in case of a Covid-19 outbreak occasioned by a congregant

A Simple & Beautiful Interface That's Easy To Use.

Let’s Connect

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Let’s also connect via social media, share with your friends and let us continue growing our community for the better.

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Simply visit Google play store to download the app and continue enjoying the goodness of the Lord while worshipping together. All this in a safe & convenient way.